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"Gabriel Picart is a special kind of painter. It would be enough if he were only a classic realist with a reverence for the human form, masterful technique and a repertoire of timeless images of exquisite beauty and grace. The true magic of his art comes from within, from the profound personal investment he makes in each and every painting before it leaves his studio. Thank you Gabriel Picart for sharing your world with us."

— Kevin Zweyer Anderson —

President of Anderson Galleries LLC, Beverly Hills, California. Member of the Appraisers Association of America.


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After reviewing thousands of artists and meeting with more than 400 of them all over the world, in 2014 German Collector Albrecht von Stetten invited 24 to participate into The Masterpiece Project, Gabriel Picart among them. With the financial support of The Ibex Collection, the selected painters were asked to paint their own masterpiece.

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Gabriel Picart was born in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, in 1962, where he still lives and works. His family lived in the concierge's pavilion of the world famous Park Gόell. Gabriel spent his childhood in the building that the great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi had designed to emulate the witch's house in Brothers Grimm's fairytale Hansel and Gretel. Within an artistic milieu such as this, he would soon develop an interest in art.

By the time he was a teenager, his parents had rented the other pavilion on the opposite side of the main gate, the one with an oddly shaped tower bearing on its top a double cross. This well known building had been Antoni Gaudi's studio during the construction of the park. In the very same room that architect Gaudi executed his designs, Picart set up his first atelier.

Not long after deciding to become a professional artist, Picart met the illustrator Enric Torres, famed by his Warren Magazine covers. He invited Gabriel to visit the studio that he shared with Pepe Gonzalez, one of the world's foremost comic artists, known for his comic strips of the super heroine Vampirella. Shortly thereafter, the young Gabriel became the third member of the studio. Picart's career as an illustrator blossomed; he worked on commissions throughout Europe, mainly for Germany, the Netherlands, and the Scandinavian countries.

In 1985, Picart made his first trip to New York City. He quickly won assignments from all the major publishing houses in America and Canada, such as Reader's Digest, Bantam Books, Dell Publishing, Harlequin, Pocket Books, Tyndale and Scholastic, to name a few. Gabriel did book covers, promotional advertising, brochures and interior illustrations, all in a representational mode with a fine art treatment.

In 1996, he had his first show at the WolfWalker Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. This was quickly followed by his participation in a group show of Catalan artists at Ambassador Gallery in New York, where he was among some of the leading contemporary figurative painters working in Spain at that time. Since then, Picart focused on his own paintings and no longer made illustration commissions.

His works have been on display at recognized galleries in the US, such as Anderson Galleries in Beverly Hills, and Weinstein Gallery in San Francisco. They are in private collections in Spain, USA, Germany, Canada, China, Taiwan, New Zealand, Mexico, Emirates, Russia, and UK. In the mid-2000s, California publisher Fingerhut Group published and distributed limited editions of some of his paintings, popularizing them among a wider variety of collectors. His work also has been featured worldwide. In 2004, Picart was the first artist from Spain ever featured in International Artist Magazine. In 2013, he was the artist featured of the October-November edition of Gulf Connoisseur of Dubai, the premier lifestyle magazine of the Gulf region.

In 2012, Gabriel Picart was one of the two International Master Artists specially invited by the organizers of Art Revolution Taipei in its second edition. An Ibex Master from 2015, since then Picart spends most of his time in the making of works of art for The Ibex Collection.

Read "Picart, a Personal View", by Herb Spiers.


  • Addison Gallery — Boca Raton, Florida, USA.

  • Ambassador Galleries — New York, NY, USA.

  • American Illustrators Society — New York, NY, USA.

  • Anderson Galleries — Beverly Hills, California, USA.

  • Art Center Horus — Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium.

  • Art Revolution Taipei 2012 — Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Art Revolution Taipei 2013 — Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Bellavita Art Center — Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Elite Gallery — Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

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  • Fingerhut Gallery — La Jolla, California, USA.

  • Fingerhut Gallery — Sausalito, California, USA.

  • Galleria di Sorrento — Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

  • Galerie du Soleil — Naples, Florida, USA.

  • Global Culture Center — Hangzhou, China.

  • James Harold — Lake Tahoe, California, USA.

  • Jones-Terwilliger — Carmel, California, USA.

  • Jones-Terwilliger — Palm Desert, California, USA.

  • Kelti Art Center — Taipei, Taiwan.

  • The LAPADA Art & Antiques Fair — London, UK.

  • Legends Gallery — La Jolla, California, USA.

  • Mishin Fine Arts — San Francisco, California, USA.

  • New York Artexpo 2001 — New York, NY, USA.

  • New York Artexpo 2002 — New York, NY, USA.

  • New York Artexpo 2006 — New York, NY, USA.

  • Owl 57 Galleries — Woodmere, New York, USA.

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  • Quent Cordair Fine Art — Napa, California, USA.

  • Sala Fontbernat — Anglθs, Girona, Spain.

  • Sala Maremΰgnum — Barcelona, Spain.

  • Sala Parιs — Barcelona, Spain.

  • Salmagundi Art Club — New York, NY, USA.

  • Sansiri & The IBEX Collection — Hong Kong, China.

  • Sansiri & The IBEX Collection — Singapore.

  • S.R. Brennen Gallery — Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

  • Weinstein Gallery — San Francisco, California, USA.

  • Wolfwalker Gallery — Sedona, Arizona, USA.

  • X-Power Gallery — Taichung, Taiwan.

  • X-Power Gallery — Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Yiwu Xuefeng Art Museum — Yiwu, China.


"Although my paintings in general, and my still-lifes in particular, may look hyper-realistic when viewed in small sizes on a screen, or from some distance away in the flesh, my pictorial style is Realism. I consider myself a Classical Realist painter with love for detail, I work realistically though not photographically. I like to leave my brush strokes visible and the imitation of reality is only apparent. This is where the true magic in painting is to be found for me."

"Taking benefit from all the tools that a 21st Century artist has got at his disposal, from the most innovative 3D sculpting to the oldest traditional painting technique, is the way to go. I love to unify past and present in the making of my works of art."⁣



(*) Since 1996, Picart no longer makes illustration commissions; he paints full time. Gabriel Picart signed his illustration works Gabriel.

On top left, first commissioned cover ever for the US market. Author Pamela Lyndon Travers her own, popularly remembered for her sequence of novels about Mary Poppins, sent Picart a bunch of pictures to be used as reference for the monkey character — "Friend Monkey", Dell / Yearling Book (1986).

"Unusually beautiful illustrations, full of authentic detail…" — The New York Times' review on "The Door in the Wall", Dell / Yearling Book (1990).



Picart's work accepted for inclusion in the Art Renewal Center as an ARC Associate Living Master™ — August 2016.


Gabriel Picart was the artist featured in the art and design section of the October-November 2013 edition of Gulf Connoisseur magazine. Published in Dubai, Gulf Connoisseur is the premier lifestyle magazine of the Gulf region.

A painting by Picart is the cover of the first issue of Post-Modern Times, the journal of aesthetics and art history. This journal is dedicated to highlighting the work of the most gifted contemporary artists and exploring the aesthetic ideas that they address — March 2013.

The July-August 2004 issue of International Artist magazine featured an article by Gabriel Picart. In each bi-monthly issue, International Artist magazine takes you inside the studios of the world's best artists.




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 Starting on March 2021, I offer Mentoring for Emerging Artists through an initiative launched by Canadian artist Julie DeBoer and her company LevellingUp, an amazing project built by artists for artists. I am mentoring a group of eight artists, and we'll meet online as a group for two hours every month. Check it out, kindly visit my LevellingUp page, and register if you will: Gabriel Picart Mastermind — March 2021.

IORIDOMEDIA team filming a documentary on Gabriel Picart, produced by The Ibex Collection — July 2019.


Photo session in Madrid by photographer Pascal Albandopulos for The Ibex Collection — May 2019.


Picart has taken part in a documentary on some European cities for the BBC. He was interviewed regarding one of his main concerns, the mass tourism. In Picart's opinion, the tourism industry is indiscriminately flooding historical cities, doing little or nothing to help preserve these destinations for future generations — July 2016.



Galerie du Soleil — Naples, Florida, USA.



An oil painting by Picart with a sculptured furniture by metal designer Silas Seandel.

Founded by artists representative Rosa Anguas and painter Gabriel Picart, Barcelona based ART-BCN aims to promote abroad local artists and of the rest of Spain. 

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